I’m not getting any anon hate or something to make me feel like deleting my blog.

I feel like I’m not fitting up to the quota of being a Pokemon ask-blog.


High five for being different.

A previous question was asked about my tongue. I’d say they’re the same length, my tail is just less stretchy.


But it-it wasn’t my fault! -sniffle-

My Kecleon brothers can be so cruel. Though they are crazy about their merchandise, they should know better!

((Thank you ;0;))

I don’t know! What am I supposed to do with it?

It does give me quite a few problems when I’m trying to blend into my surroundings. Especially the area I live in. Forests are green. Red is the compliment of green. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

I haven’t gotten into many bad situations, but they can come up. 

Unfortunatly Beartic can be a little too overprotective of their young.


Liechi berry is the best berry! It’s so tasty and makes amazing poffins. It’s like the perfect mixture of sweet and spicy. Unfortunately it’s pretty uncommon to find.

I have to say my new header image is…. delicious

And I’m about the average Kecleon size, about three feet tall. So my tounge is about three feet!

Just don’t hit me again! I might faint :[

WOAH Almost 100 followers and lots of love ALREADY. You guys are pretty amazing Thanks so much! Lets start answering questions!

Basically it’s a defense mechanism! If I am hit by an attack, my type is changed to whatever type that attack was! The only downside is Dragon types… Those suckers hit their own type hard.

Usually I can change color any time I want yes. But when I’m hit by an attack I’ll change to that color automatically. Like If I’m hit by an electric attack I’ll turn yellow.

Or if I’m hit by an Ice attack I’ll turn white and blue.

Any other time I can change to whatever I want!

The only downside is my stripe is always visible. But I guess I don’t mind much considering red is my favorite color! But it can be a pain when I’m trying to blend into my surroundings.